Richard A. Long

“The very purpose of life is to seek happiness.”
Dalai Lama XIV

Group, Life & R.I.B.O. Broker

As an independent life insurance broker with Norbram, Richard is also an exclusive agent for the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan servicing the Toronto Board of Trade in the Scarborough area.

Richard’s background in the insurance business spans three decades. He entered the insurance business in 1977 with Federated Mutual where he was a multi-lines broker. With that experience and training, he obtained his unrestricted R.I.B.O. licence and entered the independent market in 1987 opening his own brokerage. This continued until 1991 when Richard joined Norbram Group Insurance as an associate broker where he manages a large book of business focusing on both individual and group benefits insurance.

Richard also acts as a volunteer instructor with Centennial College.