Our company was founded by George Dell in 1978 in North Brampton (Nor-bram).  George believed that the best way to deliver service was to treat clients the way he wanted to be treated. It’s a simple concept but it’s true. George carefully chose other agents that reflected this belief system, and the result is a team dedicated to happy clients.  This philosophy is alive and well at Norbram today as we continue to deliver personalized service and go the extra mile. 

Why Norbram

We understand the pressures, the challenges and the rewards of owning a business.  After all, we’re business owners too!  We know that an owner of a company has a lot of multi-faceted roles, and that acting as the HR manager is just one of them!  We can remove some of the weight of that role by researching, costing, and even customizing employee benefits solutions for your business.  We’re committed to helping you make the best decision about employee benefits for you and your team.  And if you need additional individual insurance, we can help you with that too!

  • Canada’s largest agency supporting the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan 
  • We are a full service brokerage providing access to a wide range of benefits solutions
  • Our client renewal rate is 96%
  • Our firm has over 200 years of combined experience
  • Our insurance brokers are award-winners!

So, whether you’re considering benefits for the first time, or tired of your existing plan, give us a call.  We’re here to help!


Chambers Plan testimonials

“Just wanted to let you know how impressed I’ve been with the new Teladoc benefit. Twice now, I’ve used it for members of my family and it’s been wonderful! The app was easy to install and use, though I have been recommending to all our employees that they have it installed and ready to go because it does take a few minutes to set up each family member and enter details of their medical history. However, in both instances it saved a trip to a walk-in clinic which I think is a huge benefit at any time, but especially during COVID. Within minutes, you’re “face-to-face” over video chat with an doctor who’s licenced in Ontario, and they’re able to call in a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice when needed. An absolutely fabulous benefit that I hope to never be without in the future.”
Erin – Intlvac Inc.

“Our company has been with Norbram for 9 years. We are very happy with the services that they have provided, great competitive premiums, excellent comparisons and advices but most importantly an amazing relationship based on trust and friendship. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend their services. Thank you for all your hard work.”
Sorina Cos

“Excellent plan for our small company. Great customer service and the web site is fabulous.”
Craig Robbins

“I have been with norbram for 8 years now. Extremely happy with the continuous service that this company has provided my family and I. Not only have they found competitive premiums but also the relationship that they provide is excellent. I will make sure to recommend my family and friends. Thanks for the hard work.”
Rob Dell

“Our company has been with Norbram for numerous years and we have always found their advice and products to be fantastic.”
2018523 ON Ltd. 
Katie Tranter

“Excellent plan. It’s Just there when I need it. It provides instant peace of mind.”
David B. Papple Real Estate Brokerage
Lawrence Kensit

“It is exactly what we needed.”
Villa Royale Homes Inc. 
Anna DiCesare

“Best option for a small business.”
Attitude Communications 
Bruce Martin

“It has encouraged the employees to work better and they are satisfied with the health coverage you provide.”
Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. 
Rose Iannetti

“We are a small business, so I thought the options for a group plan would be quite limited and lack-luster. Not so with the Chambers Plan. My staff love it.”

“I really appreciate the out of county medical coverage as I travel regularly. I am happy that I have the option to have health insurance while working for myself.”
Eleanor Gilverson

“Being self employed it is very hard to find a plan, which offers reasonable benefits and at the same time is affordable. After comparing the Chambers Plan with others on the market we learned that this is most suitable for our business.”
OMG Staging
Halina Ghosh