As Unique as a Fingerprint

You are unique.  And you have unique needs when it comes insurance.  When we sit down with you to discuss your life insurance options, we want to first learn more about your specific situation before customizing a plan that suits your needs.

Phillip – 36

Phillip is married with two children.  His wife, Georgina, works as teacher. Three years ago, Phillip launched a successful software company with his partner, Stephen.  The business now has 10 full-time employees and three part-time developers. Georgina has employee benefits as a teacher. Stephen and Phillip also take advantage of the employee benefits they offer at their own company. Philip and Georgina have a $420,000 mortgage on their home and the software business has a line of credit of $500,000. 

Phillip and Stephen decided that they wanted to protect their business in case one of them had an untimely death.  By purchasing life insurance on each other, they ensure that the funding would be available, if the unthinkable were to happen, allowing for the surviving partner to buy the other’s family out of the business.  Under this type of a buy-sell arrangement, premiums can be paid using after-tax corporate dollars.  

Stephanie – 42

Stephanie is a single-mom with two girls in high school. The girls spend most of their time with their mother but also see their dad on a regular basis. Stephanie receives child support from their father and will do so until the girls turn 25. Stephanie wants the girls to go to college or university so she’s started a small RESP to help out.  They’ve agreed that the girls will need to live at home while they attend college or university. She has a mortgage of $150,000 on her home. She works as a freelance copywriter and has to carefully watch her cash flow.

After a discussion with Stephanie, we showed her two life insurance options, Term and Permanent.   Stephanie chose 10 year term protection which suits her budget today but allows for flexibility in the future.  Meanwhile, she’s protecting her family and ensure that they are provided for in the event of her untimely death.  

Two individuals with very specific plans; as unique as a fingerprint.


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