How to Protect Yourself and Your Workers During a Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses are both fascinating and rare phenomena that capture the attention of millions globally. However, without proper precautions, observing them can be hazardous. Here’s essential information to prepare for the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024, visible from Ontario. Understanding Solar Eclipses A solar eclipse occurs when the moon positions itself between the […]

Benefit Facts

When grey skies and blah weather keep people indoors, about 15% of Canadians get the “winter blues,” while 2-3% of people in Canada experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD), according to Canadian Mental Health Association. Lack of sunlight is commonly identified as a cause of seasonal depression, as this can upset a person’s circadian rhythm that […]

New Tax Reporting Obligation for Canadian Employers

With the implementation of the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), employers are now obligated to report on an employee’s T4 whether an employee or any of their dependents  (starting on December 31st of this year) has access to dental insurance, or dental coverage of any kind, including a Health Care Spending Account offered by their […]

Navigating Employee Benefits for Full-Time Student Dependents: A Guide

As children grow older, their eligibility for coverage under their parents’ employee benefits plan can change. This guide explores the concept of overage dependents, specifically focusing on full-time students. We’ll explain what overage dependents are, the criteria they must meet to maintain coverage, common scenarios to be aware of, and the responsibilities of plan administrators […]

Ontario’s New Biosimilar Drug Initiative and It’s Affect On Employee Benefit Plans

Ontario’s New Biosimilar Drug Initiative and It’s Affect On Employee Benefit Plans

Ontario’s New Biosimilar Drug Initiative and It’s Affect On Employee Benefit Plans As of March 2023, Ontario Drug Benefits (ODB) patients that are on biological drugs are required to begin the transition to the biosimilar equivalent. A biosimilar is a biologic drug that is highly similar to a biologic drug that was already authorized for […]

Teladoc<sup>®</sup> Whole Healthcare

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our Teladoc offering in your Chambers Plan benefits. In addition to Telemedicine and Teladoc Medical Experts services we now include new mental health supports for whole health care. Virtual care is revolutionizing how Canadians access and experience healthcare. These new services will offer a comprehensive service […]

Emerging Trends in Restaurant Benefits

For restaurants, the health care expenditure will increase, and it’s not just the cost of health care. With winter behind us and summer approaching, it is time to begin planning for the 2023 benefits plan year. ‘Tis the season for plan review, benchmarking and forecasting. The key to success in this process is viewing the […]

For many restaurant workers, health benefits are rare.

For many restaurant workers, health benefits are rare. Amid an ‘existential’ labour shortage, that’s changing. Staffing shortage is pushing restaurant operators to be more competitive, expert says. Read the full article here