“Do I Really Need Critical Illness Insurance?”

Group Critical Illness

Insurance that lets you focus on recovery

Critical Illness insurance provides financial support to both patients and their families in a time of need. By providing a lump sum benefit amount upon the diagnosis of a life threatening illness, Critical Illness insurance can provides you with a financial cushion that will enable you to focus on recovery.

Unlike many other types of insurance, you decide how to spend the money.  

  • Medical costs not covered by Government programs or private health insurance
  • Cost of personal or dependent care
  • Mortgage payments while away from work
  • Transportation to and from treatment
  • Vacation with your family

Cancer, heart attack and stroke account for close to 90% of all critical illness claims to date in Canada.  Most policies also cover a long list of additional illnesses for added protection.  

Coverage is typically guaranteed medically up to a certain threshold and additional protection is often available.  Spousal Critical Illness Insurance is now available through many employee benefits plans.