Teladoc® Whole Healthcare

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our Teladoc offering in your Chambers Plan benefits. In addition to Telemedicine and Teladoc Medical Experts services we now include new mental health supports for whole health care.

Virtual care is revolutionizing how Canadians access and experience healthcare. These new services will offer a comprehensive service unmatched in Canada and will enable employees and their dependents to address a broad spectrum of healthcare needs, from pink eye and skin rashes to mental health illnesses and cancer.

Teladoc myStrength

ALL firms with Chambers Plan, at no additional cost, now have access to Teladoc’s myStrength app, which provides guidance for a full spectrum of sub-clinical to clinical mental health needs:


• Depression
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Drug, alcohol and opioid recovery
• Chronic pain
• Mindfulness and meditation
• Elder care
• Insomnia
• Balancing emotions
• Weight management
• Smoking cessation
• Lifestyle topics
(parenting, relationships and more)


Through the app, employees will build resilience through self-monitoring of mood, sleep, stress and goals. They will access interactive, self-paced programs matched to their preferences and be provided with in-the-moment tools for coping in daily situations. They will also engage in text-based, 1-on-1 expert coaching.

Teladoc Mental Health Navigator

For Plans that hold Extended Health options, we also include Mental Health Navigator. This concierge-style program provides solutions for employees who are not benefitting from their current care or who may need an expert assessment of their current mental health treatment plan.

This support process will be initiated by the employee, who will meet with a Navigator for a video consult. Then the Navigator will support the employee throughout the process as they coordinate expert review(s), including a report and clinical plan, which they will deliver to the employee and their treating physicians.

This is an exceptional comprehensive value that does not impact your premiums. But it can take you one step further in providing whole health care and ultimately reducing absenteeism and improving productivity in your employees.

Your employees can access the new services through my‑benefits®, the Teladoc app, and on You can view and download brochures, posters, and other information at my‑

If you require more information about myStrength or Mental Health Navigator, please contact us.


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