Top 5 Chambers Plan Frequently Asked Questions

At Norbram, our team collectively manages the accounts for over 1500 Chamber Plan clients across Ontario. We’d like to share with you the Top 5 most common plan administration questions we get from our clients, which may come in handy the next time you have a question about your coverage.

Question 1:

I forgot to add an employee, what do I do next?

Answer: Well this wins for the most common question. If a new employee isn’t added within 30 days of completing their waiting period, they are considered a late entrant. Late entrants must complete a statement of health which may result in coverage modifications. If approved, the employee may be subject to dental restrictions for their first 12 months on the plan.

Tip: Consider adding your new employees at the time of hire or set a calendar reminder. When receiving employee applications before an employee is eligible for benefits, the Chambers Plan will automatically activate coverage for the employee once they have completed the waiting period.

Reach out to us if you run into a late entrant situation, as we may be able to obtain an exception or possibly backdate coverage.

Question 2:

I forgot to terminate an employee, is it possible to backdate?

Answer: The Chambers Plan can backdate an employee termination for up to 3 months, assuming the ex-employee has not submitted any claims. The adjusted premiums will then be seen on your next monthly bill. Termination requests can be submitted online, or by e-mailing one of your Norbram contacts.

Tip: Review your active employee listing on periodically. Or consider submitting the termination request at the same time as issuing the ROE.

Question 3:

Can an employee waive health and dental coverage?

Answer: Yes, an employee can waive health and dental if they have coverage through their spouse/partner. Employees waiving health and dental coverage still receive important benefits like life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness and EAP, so it important to include them on your plan. Plus, by adding an employee to your plan in this situation, it will allow them to access health and dental coverage without late entrant restrictions in the future should anything change with their spousal benefits.  

Tip: Remind employees who are waiving health and dental coverage that they should inform your about any changes to their spousal benefits.

Fun Facts: Employees with access to spousal benefits may choose to coordinate benefits, allowing family members to receive coverage from both plans. When coordinating benefits, the employee submits first to their own employer’s plan, and next to the spouse’s plan. Children submit first to the parent’s plan whose birthdate falls earliest in the calendar year.

Question 4:

Which benefits are taxable to my employees?

Answer: Click on this link for more information about the Taxation of Benefits.

Tip: You can log into your plan administration portal at to access and print the taxable benefit report for each employee.

Question 5:

Can I extend benefits for an employee who has left our company?

Answer: Yes. Coverage always continues until the end of the month in which the employee is terminated.

If an employee has been fired, you should inform us when requesting their removal from the plan so that we can request an extension of benefits in accordance with the Employment Standards Act legal notice period. If you would like to maintain the employee’s group insurance benefits beyond the termination date of employment including the legal notice period (may be required in a severance situation), the Chambers Plan will maintain Extended Health and Dental benefits held by the employee at the termination date of employment for up to 6 months. Please complete and submit the Extension of Benefits Form for such a request.

Tip: Reference the Employment Standard Act to avoid any mistakes when handling employee termination situations.

Plan Administration Best Practices

Follow these best practices to reduce delays and avoid errors when completing and submitting applications or change forms for new and existing employees.

  • Review for errors or missing information
  • Have employees initial any changes made on the application or change form
  • Consider completing the fillable forms available through the Chambers Plan 
  • Keep the original signed copies of all employee applications and change forms on file

And most importantly, don’t hesitate to contact your Norbram advisor or service representative with any questions about your plan. We’re always happy to help!


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