What happens to an employee’s benefits when they turn 65?

What happens to an employee’s benefits when they turn 65?

Well, let me tell you what to expect and how to answer the question of “I’m 65, why do I still need benefits?”

The Process:

1. Three months prior to a person’s 65th birthday, they will receive a letter stating that they will be automatically enrolled in the ODB (Ontario Drug Benefit) program the 1st of the month following their birthday.

2. Typically you will pay an annual deductible of $100 (depending on household income and on what month you were born) and a co-payment per prescription after that of about $6.11

Now what happens if you have a private plan through your employer?

1. The ODB now becomes 1st payor of eligible drug expenses

2. The benefits plan (if eligible) would cover the reminder

** The ODB has about $5,000 eligible prescriptions, and your employee benefits plan typically has over $10,000 eligible DIN’s **

So not everything is an eligible DIN under the ODB, not to mention all the other added benefits in an extended health care benefit.

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